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My Accounting Term Paper Helped Me Get The My Biggest Return Yet

January 20th, 2010

My Accounting Term Paper Helped Me Get The My Biggest Return Yet

I had been in a relationship for eight years and one day my boyfriend, Adam, told me he just wasn’t happy. I returned from work and my apartment was pretty empty. He had taken virtually everything and left a huge mess. I called him repeatedly but he never answered the phone and one day I called and was told by a lovely operator that his number was now disconnected. I was truly devastated. I didn’t know where to turn. I found it really hard to function in everyday life. I was sad all the time. I couldn’t eat or sleep. I felt completely lost and totally abandoned. Everything reminded me of him. I’d wake up in the morning and just feeling lonely and every night I’d cry myself to sleep. Life was really, really hard. I realized shortly after the first initial trauma that I had relied far too much on Adam. He changed the oil on my car every three months like clock work. Adam paid all the bills on time and he always did my taxes. When April rolled around and I still had not heard from Adam I realized that I would have to do my own taxes. It was a hard thing to comprehend. I was going tot do my own taxes I decided I’d have to write an accounting term paper.

Not only did Adam take care of me. He really boosted my confidence. He was such a handsome man with an incredible physique. I was confident because he was and he was with me. I really had to figure out a way to stand on my own two feet again. I needed to take at least one step forward. I had to find my confidence again. I thought my accounting term paper would help me.

I am a technical writer for a local marketing firm. It’s a great job with many perks. Throughout all this loneliness I went to work every day and did my job. I felt like it was really all I had. Writing critical analysis research on my accounting term paper.

1.I prepared a thesis which help me drive my essay into the direction I wanted.
2.I established some colorful graphs and tables that would help me calculate my earnings correctly.
3.I had four strong ideas and alloted a paragraph and came up with a strong topic sentence for each.
4.Finally my conclusion was strong and to the point and reiterated my thesis and four strong points.

My research paper proved very useful. I was able to do my taxes very, very easily. I even itemized, which Adam had never done and ended up with the largest tax return I had ever received. My accounting term paper had proved very useful. Not only did my term paper boost my confidence but it helped me to see that maybe I didn’t need Adam after all. I eventually moved on. I bought a home, met a fabulous man and got married but I always did my own taxes all because of my accounting term paper.

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