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Jubilee’s Abortion Term Paper Was Abandoned For The Drug Store

January 22nd, 2010

Jubilee’s Abortion Term Paper Was Abandoned For The Drug Store

I grew up in a really strong Christian family who taught me to follow the biblical ideas and just generally do the right thing. It was hard at times growing up in such a secular world, it often made doing the right thing very difficult. Because I lived my life as a Christian I obviously attracted friends who were as well. My best friend Jubilee was a really strong Christian as well. We often prayed together went to church together and debated Biblical interpretations together. It was a little easier to stand up to immoral behavior when you had a friend to do it with you. In college Jubilee met a really cute and funny guy named John. They started dating. It was hard for Jubilee at first. John was a Christian but not as strong as Jubilee, they both struggled with their sexual urges. Jubilee and John both believed that sex before marriage was wrong. But slowly I saw less and less of Jubilee. She started backing out of church and our bible sessions. One day in English class we were asked to write term papers on a topic that interest us. After class I asked Jubilee what she was planning on writing about, she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said an abortion term paper.

I felt terrible for Jubilee. I couldn’t believe she had gotten herself in this position. She was relieved that she had finally told me. She had missed her period and was feeling really sick. Her research paper was abandoned. She was too nervous tell her doctor or walk into a drug store and buy a home pregnancy test. I still couldn’t believe I was looking at the same Jubilee. As she talked and I listened I stared at her abortion term paper outline:

1.A strong main thesis stated in the first paragraph and weaved throughout each paragraph.
2. Making sure to take a stance pro or con and stick to it, pose it as more of an argumentative term paper.
3.Perform some strong critical analysis research from reputable sources not just popular magazines and online newspapers.
4.Create a strong conclusion, speak with authority and don’t back down.

It was so hard to believe that Jubilee was really writing an abortion term paper really for herself. I told her first thing, first before we took a stance on her abortion term paper we really had to find out if she was really pregnant. We were both so ignorant about what the body goes through when your pregnant. We started doing some online research. Jubilee and I didn’t get anywhere with this. The symptoms were mostly just changes in your menstrual cycle and throwing up. Everyone seemed to agree that a home pregnancy test was the best idea.

Jubilee and I abandoned her abortion term paper outline and headed to the drug store. Buying a home pregnancy test was an embarrassing ordeal. We ran home and I held my breath as Jubilee freaked out in the bathroom. We both never wanted to see a minus sign so badly in our lives.

Jubilee ran out of the bathroom ecstatic and jumping up and down. Not only did the test produce a minus sign but she had gotten her period. She abandoned her abortion term paper and decided to write one on the importance of abstinence.

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