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I Had To Write An A Level Exam Term Paper Or I’d Lose My Job

January 18th, 2010

I Had To Write An A Level Exam Term Paper Or I’d Lose My Job

I had been working at this brokerage firm for almost six years. I had been promoted one time from the receptionist desk and I really enjoyed what I was doing. I knew all the people who I worked with. I liked the location and the pay was fairly decent with many holidays and tons of vacation days. One day I was pulled out of my cubicle by my supervisor who wanted to talk to me. He sat me down and told me the firm was having many, many cutbacks. He really liked my work but I was extremely expendable and he was left with no other option except to fire me or promote me. He wanted to do the latter of the two options but the new position required a certification that I didn’t have. I couldn’t lose my job I had just bought a home within walking distance of where I work. I had a huge mortgage payment, student loans and many, many other bills. I couldn’t lose my job. The class for the certification had already begun so I would be starting very late in the game the only way I could pass this class was to write an A level exam term paper.

I walked back to my cubicle with my head spinning. The job market was extremely dry. Even though I had a bachelors degree I knew if I lost this job it would be a long time before I could find another. There was no way I could pay my bills with unemployment. My only shot was to write an A level exam term paper. I knew I could do this. I had a degree in journalism and had always been a great writer. But the subject matter was a bit over my head. I was an administrator the only thing I knew about being a broker was the paper work it too to become one. I didn’t know what I was doing.

The next morning I sat in the class unsure of what I was learning. I took notes I paged through the book and listened as intently as I could. It all seemed so foreign to me. I had already missed a weeks worth of lessons. But one of the students, James, was kind enough to loan me his notes. After class I asked if he would consider studying together. We began studying everyday after class. James was a natural his dad was a well known broker in the area and he felt like the class was really a slam dunk. I knew with James helping me I would really be able to write an A level exam term paper. What I remembered about term papers was pretty basic:

1. Editing is key make sure your research paper is free of any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

2. Utilize a basic introduction, body and conclusion method of term paper writing.

3. Do some strong critical analysis research on your topic and make sure you are educated on the subject matter so you can speak with authority on it.

James was a great asset in helping me achieve an amazing A level exam term paper. The day I turned my term paper in I was sure I would pass the class and be able to keep my job. I was ecstatic when I got the promotion a week later and started my new position. My A level exam term paper not only got me into my own corner office but a pay raise as well.

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