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Argumentative Research Paper Format

Present balanced views and use the argumentative research paper format effectively


It always feels quite good to get the upper hand in an argument. As a young person who is always been in the habit of getting what you want, arguments are not new and to be shied away from. On the other hand, a good argument stimulates you to think out of the box and come up with solutions that others are not inclined to think of. All this is fine as long as it is a verbal argument. What happens when the whole thing has to be more seriously approached? A difficult research paper topic that needs to be looked at from many angles - put your thinking cap on! This is where you need to be sure about the argumentative research paper format that is generally followed for all such papers.

TermPaperWriter.org has taken all efforts to ensure that all kinds of papers, essays, dissertations and research documents are easier to handle. With the suggestions, templates, outlines and worksheets, we in this writing company hope that students from all over the world can benefit to a great extent. In line with this thought, we also offer other allied services such as proofreading, editing, providing topics, research questions and essay ideas. All this comes to you at a fee that is quite reasonable; thereby making TermPaperWriter.org a much sought after writing firm today.

You can find interesting topics to write about irrespective of the subject that you have to work on. Our writers are aware of all the finer details of the standard research paper format and hence can ensure that your paper is done well. The research paper format that is to be adopted can be discussed with the prospective client before the work is begun.

Some points about the argumentative research paper format :

  • In the introduction section of the research paper, the thesis statement is the most important element. Therefore, when you write a research paper that is trying to prove a point about a particular issue, this intention should be made very clearly in the thesis statement. Mention what you are trying to prove and how you will be doing it. The ‘how' part of the statement does not have to be explained in great detail in the intro.
  • Substantiate all your arguments with examples, anecdotes and if possible add a case study or two. This is to indicate that you have researched the topic well and hence know what you are talking about.
  • Arrange all arguments in a logical way. Sequential presentation brings you more marks.
  • Include counter arguments as well so that the evaluator realizes that you have done a proper study. He/she will be impressed when you present both sides of the coin and then zone in on your own perspective.
  • Make sure that the concluding words or paragraphs are closely connected with the thesis statement with which you started out. Connect the threads to make a meaningful whole.

We do understand that the argumentative research paper format is quite challenging. Therefore, we request you to call us or mail us for any assistance required.


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